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Published Jun 22, 21
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The Blackacre Building Chartered Surveyors Autopsy

It is also crucial to check whether any useful easements referred to are still exercisable. It is not required to provide a location measurement for the land. Other applications, for instance those relating to floorings levels, flats, maisonettes and applications involving small locations of land will most likely require to be treated slightly differently.

1 The base plan In the bulk of instances the most typically appropriate base prepare for usage in a deed is Ordnance Study mapping or a copy of an approved estate layout strategy. However, almost any strategy that is drawn precisely to scale and follows the guidelines described in Table 1 must be satisfactory for use in a deed.

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Architectural or engineering strategies focus on their main purpose rather than look for specifically to provide a trusted and accurate depiction of title to land or of extent. A plan initially drawn as a place strategy or road map will probably be at a scale that is too small to show the level precisely.

However, this is not constantly the case and prepares that remain in any way uncertain are declined. 9. 4 Reference to old deed plans Primarily with first registrations, the deed causing registration frequently refers back to strategies included in earlier deeds in the chain of title. Offering we can relate the extent to the current Ordnance Survey map and the level of the land in the deed is not in doubt, we will finish the registration on the evidence supplied.

The Art of Blackacre Building Chartered Surveyors

In situations where the deed plan is not enough to allow clear recognition of the land, we might request an additional plan to be lodged. LAND REGISTRY COMPLIANT LEASE PLANS SURREY. The strategy does not need to be signed by the celebrations and it will be treated as though it was connected to the application.

5 Plans that have actually been decreased in scale Where it is clear that the strategy included in a deed or copy deed is a decreased copy of the original, it is only acceptable offered either a bar scale has actually been utilized or: the strategy includes a statement that it is a reduced copy the original scale has actually been deleted the actual scale has been computed and revealed on the face of the plan in location of the initial scale In all cases the lowered strategy should be clear and unambiguous. LAND REGISTRY COMPLIANT LEASE PLANS SURREY.

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6 Strategies based upon a main copy of the title strategy Whether in paper kind, or electronic format, prepares based upon an official copy of the title strategy will not generally be declined supplying: there are no manual modifications to the official copy that result in the extent being in doubt an electronic official copy has not been so distorted by the electronic transmission process, printing and any subsequent copying, that the degree remains in doubt 9.

Each time a strategy is copied the precision and clarity is lost. LAND REGISTRY COMPLIANT LEASE PLANS SURREY. A plan that currently has edgings or colour on it before it is copied usually suffers the most from this treatment. It follows that care needs to be taken when using photocopied strategies to make sure that the extent of the land is plainly shown and that the plan has not been distorted in the copying procedure.

The History Blackacre Building Chartered Surveyors

8 Plans printed from PDF HM Land Computer registry is significantly getting plans lodged with applications that are not to the specified scale. We suspect that plans are being properly produced and sent out as a PDF to conveyancers. When they are printed from the PDF they are typically accidentally decreased to fit the paper size and are for that reason no longer to the mentioned scale.



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